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food safety policy

Sakata Rice, in a sentence of management philosophy, “all employees pursue the happiness of both sides of the mental and in”. In order to do this, we will prioritize the following, and each employee will raise awareness of food safety and provide delicious and safe food to our customers.


  1. We provide customers with the “safety”, “safe”, “delicious”, “pleasing” and “required” products.
  2. We will build, maintain and continuously improve our food safety management system based on fssc22000 to ensure the safety of the products we manufacture.
  3. We comply with the Food Safety law regulations and other requirements that we agree to.
  4. All our employees recognize the importance of hygiene management and strive to improve their knowledge of food safety. We also conduct activities to improve internal communication through our internal training.
  5. All our employees are thoroughly aware of the food safety policy.In addition, we set food safety targets every year and implement and improve them.
    In addition to the related food chains, we will use the website we have established to disclose our food safety policy and other information so that we can understand it.
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