sakata beika


company history

1951 Entrepreneurship
1962 Developed and released ORANDA SENBEI
1967 Released KAGAMI SENBEI
1968 “ORANDA SENBEI” won honorary Governor‘s award at the
17th National Confectionery Exposition
Factory Length: 450, process length 750,
brown rice to products-finished plant
1976 Received the Welfare Minister Award as a good institution
1977 Exhibited at the Cologne International Confectionery Fair
1987 President Eiichi Sato won the medal award
1988 Shigeru Sato becomes President
Clean room Installation
New sense rice processed product, shin Manufacturing
1993 Completion of Yawata new plant
1994 Certified as a new field
President, Eiichi Sato won the Yamagata Industry award
“Shiki no yama” released
1996 “Shiki no yama” national Tourism Souvenir Federation President Award
Development of Sun Pallet system as a regional technology impactful grant project
2000 50 Years of Entrepreneurship
2002 Certified as a bonded factory in Yawata plant
Hiroshi Sato becomes President
2005 New logo established
2006 55th Anniversary Campaign implementation
The factory name was revised to “Top River Factory” and “Chokai-Piedmont Factory”.
2007 The 29th Award for excellence in food industry
Awarded the general Food director of the Ministry of Agriculture
Completion of new fabric plant at Chokai-Piedmont Plant
2014 Eishi Sato became president
2017 S-PAL Sendai main Basement 1f “The original rice Cracker Sakata” open
Acquired certification in the production of fssc22000 rice products at the head Office factory
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